Chanoyu “Tea-ceremony” is a culture wealth integrating the spiritual attitude with the wisdom in Japanese life style, when receiving guests. Masters of Chanoyu in old days sincerely tried to embody the services by holding their tea ceremonies, which define “Ichigo-Ichie”(One seeing in his life) . Chanoyu room and garden are the architecture created as”the spiritual work to provide guests with the cordial services”. Chanoyu room located at Shinkiba in Tokyo, Japan, was produced by the famous Sukiya Architect (*1) called Mr. Takaaki Yamamoto, whose producing concept is to sincerely follow the spirits of Masters of Chanoyu. The room was named “Kiraku-an”(*2) by expecting the following life style:

Kiraku…………..Easy going in life


If somebody wants also to hold the tea ceremony at Kiraku-an, please get contact with the following person in charge through the e-mail. You can hold it with free of charge, as long as the room is available.

the person in charge……..Mr. Yoshiharu KAJIMOTO

*1 Sukiya: “Sukiya” is one of Chanoyu room to signify “zenith of the loneliness” which corresponds to the principle of Chanoyu. This Sukiya construction style gives its principle to even the contemporary Japanese houses.

*2 Kiraku-an: “Kiraku-an” is the imitation of Chanoyu room called “Fushin-an” produced by the famous master, “Sen-no-Rikyu”, in 1587. He was famous for promoting Tea Ceremony in those days and trained his successors having the spirit called “zenith of the loneliness”. His spiritual concept around Tea Ceremony gives the spiritual and physical influences to the contemporary Japanese even now.